Offline backup now available with Ashtons e-Works

20 June, 2024

Offline backup, giving you complete peace of mind with your prescribing and medicines administration.

The need for an offline backup solution with Ashtons e-Works is rare. e-Works is an extremely reliable electronic prescribing and medicines administration (EPMA) system, with an uptime of 99.97% over the last 3 months. This equates to downtime of just one hour of downtime per year.

However, to ensure you with complete peace of mind that your patients’ prescribing and administration data is safe and always available to you, we provide a complete offline backup solution with Ashtons e-Works.

The backup system allows you to retrieve and store prescription and medicines administration data from the Ashtons e-Works platform, for use in the event of a rare connectivity failure to the e-Works platform. This ensures you will never be unable to prescribe or administer your patients’ medication.

How the offline backup works:

Ashtons e-Works Offline Backup Solution is an application installed on a local Windows machine. The application connects to the cloud-based e-Works platform at 5-minute intervals and downloads information available for the configured site(s).

In the event of connectivity failure, the application can then be used to print pre-populated MAR charts to ensure safe and accurate administration of medicines.

Find out more

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