Client Hospice rates e-Works electronic prescribing as ‘an absolute dream’…

14 December, 2021

Ashtons e-Works Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (EPMA) system is a simple, easy to use system that is specifically designed for hospices and independent healthcare providers.

It is well established in a number of the hospices we support – read on to discover how e-Works transformed one of our hospice clients prescribing and administration…


“I can also confirm that in my experience it is one of the most simple and intuitive systems I have used. The ability to prescribe syringe pumps so easily is an absolute dream especially when compared to the 5-page walkthrough our local trust have had to create to ensure syringe pumps are prescribed correctly on their EPMA system. Prescribing of other medications, e.g. regulars, variable dose and defined length
regimes, one off doses and when needed meds is equally straightforward.

Our prescribers are finding the system easy to manage and the ‘discretionary list’ template which we have used to standardise prescribing of anticipatory medications makes it easy to just select the medications your area uses, here we have midazolam, levomepromazine, glycopyrronium, hyoscine butylbromide, as well as the general homely remedies also. This is brilliant in terms of sticking to individualised care as per the NICE Guideline as your prescribers can just select those drugs that are appropriate for that individual patient rather than the whole suite of discretionary medicines.

We are also using the system to prescribe monitoring, for example blood sugars in patients with diabetes or on corticosteroids, syringe pump monitoring, SC site monitoring, patch monitoring etc – we do this using the patient’s own remedy tab and it is brilliant as it is easily audited.

The reporting functions are equally good and you can easily see what PRNs have been used overnight. In terms of the monitoring aspects you can see the notes entries for it, which from my personal perspective will make audit so much easier than our previous notes trawling.

It is honestly a system that I have no hesitation in recommending, it is absolutely fit for purpose, help is easy to come by and quick to be delivered.

Specialist Palliative Care Pharmacist Prescriber, Client Hospice


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