Welcome to Ashtons’ new e-learning system

22 September, 2021

Transform your learning experience

Our new e-learning system has been designed to transform your learning experience, with new modules, new content and engaging new learning techniques to help you get the best understanding of our clinical topics.

Our new system is simple and easy to use, with new engaging content to help your staff achieve confidence in a range of clinical topics.

The new condensed modules are tightly focused on learning objectives, and learning with videos and interactive real-world scenarios helps reinforce information. All of the modules are aimed at nursing and medical staff, although healthcare assistants may find the side effects module useful.

Brand-new concise modules

All of the modules on our new system are brand new and are much more concise, taking between 45 minutes and an hour to complete. They are designed to be focused on key learning points to make it more manageable for busy healthcare staff, and easier for them to remember the information they need.

All courses accredited with CPD-UK

To help with continuing professional development, all courses are accredited with CPD-UK.

Modules on the new system

  • Using medication to deal with acute disturbance
  • Medicines management
  • Side effects of medication
  • Management of patients on clozapine
  • Side effects of clozapine

Increased interactivity with real-world scenarios

The new and improved modules provide an engaging learning experience with increased interactivity through videos and real-world scenarios. Every few slides there is a real-world scenario, which prompts users to answer questions or solve a problem, which helps to reinforce learning objectives.

An intuitive system, with increased managerial oversight

The new system has been designed to be simple to use and easy to navigate. Site training leads are able to allocate modules, either in bulk or to specific individuals, including setting deadlines for modules to be completed. In addition, the reporting functions allow a learner’s line manager to be identified so they can keep track of progress.

How do I sign up to the new system?

Staff at sites visited by Ashtons can sign up for these modules here.

Please note that this link is only for sites registered within Ashtons.