NICE QS11 Alcohol-use disorders: diagnosis and management

26 July, 2023

This quality standard was updated in July 2023 following an annual review

This NICE quality standard on alcohol use disorders was updated in July 2023. It covers how to identify and support adults and young people (aged 10 and over) who may have an alcohol-use disorder. It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement including caring for people with alcohol-related health problems, and support for families/carers.

The standard makes five quality statements covering:

  1. Use of validated alcohol questionnaires
  2. Community support networks and self-help groups
  3. Triage assessment in specialist alcohol services
  4. Acute alcohol withdrawal
  5. Interventions to prevent relapse after unplanned withdrawal from alcohol in hospital

In July 2023 this quality standard was updated following an annual review which identified changes in the priority areas for improvement and changes in commissioning.

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