SPS Mental health medicines resources

24 April, 2023

The Specialist Pharmacy Service (SPS) publishes a wide range of mental health medicines resources to support answering questions when speaking to patients.

This information is designed to help healthcare professionals find the information they need on psychotropic medication and other medicines used in psychiatry.

The most recent update adds details of how to access ‘Choice and Medication’, which provides comprehensive information for patients on mental health conditions, treatments and medications. Ashtons provides access to ‘Choice and Medication’ to clients via our Live View pharmacy reporting system. Mental Health Trusts also often provide access via their websites.

There resources provides details of a wide range of other mental health medicines resources, including Clinical Knowledge Summaries, the Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines, Psychotropic Drug Directory, and a Medicines Learning Portal that is aimed at trainee hospital pharmacists.

For full information, please visit the SPS website.