We are a leading provider of digital-first medicines management solutions

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Ashtons' range of specialist services and HealthTech solutions has been continually refined since 1995. Our services are delivered nationwide by our team of over 60 clinical pharmacists, supported by our vastly experienced support team from our head office in Brighton.

Our range of digital-first medicines management solutions are uniquely tailored to promote medicines optimisation, medicines management and improve regulatory compliance.

We are committed to helping you ensure your patients get the very best treatment, by providing solutions that are uniquely tailored to help healthcare providers meet the specific requirements of the CQC, HIS and HIW.

Our History

A journey now approaching its 40th year


Ashtons Late Night Pharmacy

Ashtons' founder, Laurence Sprey, buys Ashtons Chemist in Brighton, rebranding to Ashtons Late Night Pharmacy and starting the journey towards the modern Ashtons we know today.

Left: Ashtons Founder Laurence Sprey and Chief Pharmacist Martin England outside the original chemist.

Ashtons Pharmacy Care Services

Ashtons branches out beyond community pharmacy for the first time, developing an innovative range of pharmacy services for care homes. This eventually grew to provide services to over 120 care homes in the Brighton area alone.

Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy Services

Ashtons celebrates its first independent hospital client - Priory Healthcare Brighton & Hove. This sparks a significant pivot for the business, towards a focus on independent mental health hospitals and the true starting point for the development of our range of medicines management solutions.

Pharmacy Services for Hospices

Ashtons begins working with The Martlets Hospice in Hove as its first hospice client, broadening the horizons of its service provision to embrace the specific requirements of palliative care.

Separating to set up a bright future

Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy Services separates from Ashton Late Night Pharmacy, becoming its own limited company and allowing greater focus on developing an increasingly innovative range of pharmacy services.

Ashtons Portfolio of Training

Ashtons makes a significant addition to its range of services, adding a comprehensive range of training courses on medicines related topics. This included clinical training seminars and e-learning from the start, and eventually evolved into the Ashtons Academy services we know today.

Ashtons celebrates its 100th hospital client

18 years after that first hospital client, Ashtons celebrated its 100th client, cementing its position as the leading provider of pharmacy services to independent mental health hospitals in the UK.

Ashton Live View

After several years in development, Ashtons launches its first HealthTech solution, Ashtons Live View. This innovative pharmacy reporting system is an immediate success and is soon adopted by 100% of Ashtons' hospital and hospice clients, leading to an impressive 56% reduction in medication errors across all sites using the system.

LDC invests in Ashtons

In 2020, Ashtons welcomed new investment from LDC and a new focus, pivoting the company towards an increasingly digital future.

Left: Ashtons management team with the LDC team in 2020.

200 and counting...

In 2021, Ashtons celebrated its continued growth, reaching the impressive milestone of supporting over 200 healthcare facilities throughout the UK through its range of pharmacy services.

Ashtons e-Works

After over 7 years in development, testing and piloting, Ashtons e-Works was fully launched in 2021. This electronic prescribing and medicines administration (EPMA) system has proved hugely successful in improving patient safety and outcomes, being proven to reduce prescribing errors by up to 88% and medicines administration errors by up to 94%.

A new look and a new focus

Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy Services evolved in 2022 to become, simply, Ashtons, bringing with it an entirely new identity. This change reflected the increasingly wide nature of our client-base and bringing HealthTech to the centre of our business ecosystem.

A swift increase to 300 clients

With a swift upturn in growth, just 2 years after celebrating its 200th client, Ashtons celebrated reaching 300 service clients in 2023.

Our Senior Management Team

Experts in digital healthcare

Our senior leadership team have extensive experience in clinical pharmacy support and digital healthcare, and use this expertise to continually drive Ashtons forward, delivering effective and innovative medicines management solutions for our clients.

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