MHRA Wholesale Dealer’s Licence

19 March, 2018

A vital part of selecting a pharmacy supplier is to ensure they have an MHRA Wholesale Dealer’s Licence (WDL). With the growth of the online healthcare market, coupled with people’s propensity to shop online, it is now more important than ever to ensure your supplier is fully licensed and compliant with regulations.

What is an MHRA Wholesale Dealer’s Licence?

It is vital that steps are taken to prevent counterfeit mediation from entering the supply chain. A key step in this process is to ensure that your supplier has an MHRA Wholesale Dealer’s Licence. It is a legal requirement that any pharmacy provider must have an MHRA Wholesale Dealer’s Licence to be able to supply stock medication to your hospital and is intended to protect the supply chain from counterfeit or substandard products.

Licence holders are regularly inspected to ensure they comply with MHRA’s quality standards, which in turn ensures the safety of your patients. Most community pharmacies and NHS Trusts do not currently hold this licence as they are licensed to dispense named-patient medication via prescriptions. However, they will have obtained their medicines from the manufacturer or a supplier with an MHRA Wholesale Dealer’s Licence, but without the licence, a premise cannot legally supply stock prescription medication.

Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy Services is fully licensed

Ashtons does hold an MHRA Wholesale Dealer’s Licence, as well as being a registered pharmacy with the General Pharmaceutical Council; a licensed online pharmacy with the MHRA; and licensed by the Home Office to supply controlled drugs as stock.

This makes us a unique pharmacy supplier and allows us to meet all of your medication requirements. You can consolidate your purchasing and receive all your medication from Ashtons. If you order today, you will receive your medication the next business day before noon.

This is still not the full story of Ashtons, however. We are far more than just a supplier of medication and medical supplies. We have extensive experience in the area of medicines management and have provided clinical pharmacy input to independent mental health hospitals for over 25 years.

Ashtons MHRA Wholesale Dealer’s Licence is WDA(H) 28408 and you can check other WDL’s on the MHRA WDL Portal.

Do you need help with your supply?

However, if you just need help with your supply of stock medication or medical supplies, we would be delighted to offer you a supply-only service.

All you need to do is contact our Account Executive, Graeme Whittaker, on 01273 224604 or at graemewhittaker@ashtonscom and he will be delighted to discuss your requirements and how we can help improve your product supply.