Ashtons new FP10PCD ordering and management guide for private CD prescriptions

24 April, 2023

We have recently launched our brand new 'FP10PCD Ordering and Management Guide for Private Prescribers in England'.

This FP10PCD guide was created to support prescribers with the ordering of Schedule 2 and 3 Controlled Drugs (CD) on private prescriptions. It gives details on how to prescribe for outpatients and how to obtain urgent supplies for patients from local sources.

Having this form should be an essential part of every healthcare facility’s medicine contingency arrangements for urgent admissions during weekends and bank holidays. It also helps to support regulatory compliance, including with the CQC’s medication standards.

The guide includes a range of commonly asked questions and guidance,  as well as guidance on security and governance around the usage of FP10PCD forms.

To access the guide, please contact our Customer Service Team.