£85 Million Pledged to Tackle Antibiotic Emergency

23 May, 2024

Antibiotic resistance is a growing concern globally, threatening the effectiveness of treatments for a range of infections. Recognising the severity of this issue, the UK government has pledged £85 million to address the antibiotic emergency. This funding aims to bolster research, support innovative solutions, and improve global health outcomes. Here, we break down the key aspects of this crucial initiative.


Antibiotic resistance is a critical public health threat that undermines the ability to treat infections effectively. With the alarming rise in resistant bacteria, the UK government has stepped up efforts to combat this issue by pledging £85 million. This funding will support various initiatives aimed at curbing antibiotic resistance, promoting research, and ensuring better health outcomes globally.

Key Areas of Investment

Enhanced Research and Development

A significant portion of the £85 million will be allocated to research and development. This funding aims to foster innovation in the discovery of new antibiotics and alternative treatments. By supporting cutting-edge research, the UK government seeks to stay ahead of evolving bacterial threats and develop more effective therapies.

Strengthening Surveillance Systems

Improving the detection and monitoring of antibiotic-resistant infections is crucial. Part of the funding will enhance surveillance systems, allowing for better tracking and understanding of resistance patterns. This will enable more targeted and effective interventions to control the spread of resistant bacteria.

Global Collaboration

Antibiotic resistance is a global issue that requires a coordinated response. The UK government’s pledge includes support for international partnerships and collaborative efforts. By working with global health organisations and other countries, the initiative aims to share knowledge, resources, and strategies to combat antibiotic resistance on a worldwide scale.

Supporting Healthcare Practices

Promoting Responsible Antibiotic Use

A key component of tackling antibiotic resistance is promoting the responsible use of antibiotics. The funding will support campaigns and educational programmes aimed at healthcare professionals and the public. These initiatives will emphasise the importance of using antibiotics only when necessary and following prescribed courses of treatment to prevent the development of resistance.

Enhancing Infection Prevention and Control

Preventing infections in the first place reduces the need for antibiotics. Part of the £85 million will be dedicated to improving infection prevention and control measures within healthcare settings. This includes better hygiene practices, vaccination programmes, and the development of rapid diagnostic tools to ensure timely and appropriate treatment.


The UK government’s £85 million pledge marks a significant step in the fight against antibiotic resistance. By investing in research, enhancing surveillance, fostering global collaboration, and supporting responsible antibiotic use, this initiative aims to protect public health and ensure effective treatments for future generations. Combating antibiotic resistance is a complex challenge, but with sustained effort and investment, it is possible to make substantial progress

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